Prepared by Mitch Albers
Biology Instructor
Minneapolis College

Study Resources for your first Lab Practical Exam:
Time is limited in lab each week and you cannot access the anatomy lab other than your scheduled lab meeting. These online resources can assist you in preparing for your lab quizzes and practical exams.

Table of Contents:




  1. Review of the Compound Light Microscope
    1. How to use the Microscope (Nikon)

  2. Review of Cell Division
    1. Mitosis
      1. How Cells Divide (PBS)
      2. Interactive Mitosis & Meiosis (Leif Saul)
      3. Mitosis Animation (Thinkwell)
      4. Mitosis Tutorial (Sumanus Inc.)

    2. Meiosis
      1. How Cells Divide (PBS)
      2. Meiosis Tutorial (Sumanas Inc.)

  3. Review of Histological Staining and Cell Structure
    1. Tissue Processing (Lot's of work goes into preparing those tissue slides!)

  4. Histology Slides
    1. Tissue Slide Box: Click on any of the slides listed in the slide box image label below to see a represented example. Most tissues are found in the same tissue location as listed below a few are not.

      Note: Browser Pop-up Blockers must be turn off to view these slides.

      Click on any of the slides listed above on the tissue slide box image to view.

      Simple Squamous Epithelium Simple Cuboidal Epithelium Simple Columnar Epithelium Psuedostratified Columnar Epithelium Stratified Squamous Epithelium Transitional Epithelium Mesenchyme Areolar Connective Tissue Reticular Connective Tissue Dense Irrregular Connective Tissue Dense Regular Connective Tissue Hyaline Cartilage Elastic Cartilage Fibrocartilage Compact Bone Adipose Tissue (fat) Smooth Muscle Skeletal Muscle Cardiac Muscle Cardiac Muscle 400X to view intercalated discs Nerve Tissue (Cross-section) Skin Hair Follicle (skin) Skin: Scalp

      Click on the Slide Box above to go to the Histology Index in Course Compass

    2. Links to Histology Sites:
      Web Anatomy (U of M) Digital Atlas of Tissues Univ. of Texas Histology Review
      Get Body Smart Atlas of Histology Martindale's Histology Center
      HistoWeb (U of Kansas) Loyola Univ. Histology Histology Self-Tests
      Virtual Hospital Virtual Slide Box Virtual Anatomy Lab
      Virtual Histology Slide Box Indiana State Univ. Tissues Histology World
      Histology Lecture New!    

  5. Integumentary System
    The skin images below can be enlarged by moving your mouse cursor over the "Zoom In" link and can be reduced in size by moving the cursor over the "Zoom Out" links. Putting the cursor over the "Normal" link returns the image back to the original image size. These digital images were taken from the same skin model in lab.

Skin Model without labels:

Zoom In | Normal | Zoom Out




Skin Model with labels:

Zoom In | Normal | Zoom Out

Skin Model Key:

I. Epidermis
II. Dermis
III. Hypodermis (subcutaneous)
1. Stratum corneum
1a. Stratum lucidum
2. Stratum germatativum
2a. Stratum granulosum
2b. Stratum spinosum
2c. Stratum basale
3. Papillae
4. Touch (Meissner) corpuscle
5. Adipose tissue
6. Laminated (Pacinian) corpuscle
7. Sweat (Eccrine) gland
8. Hair (longitudinal section)
8a. Medulla
8b. Cortex
8c. Cuticle
8d. Internal epithelial root sheath
8e. External or outer epithelial root sheath
8f. Glassy (hyaloid) membrane
8g. Fibrous connective tissue root sheath
9. Hair (cross-section)
10. Hair shaft
11. Root
11a. Hair bulb
12. Hair papilla
13. Sebaceous glands
14. Arrector pilli muscle
15. Sweat (apocrine) gland
15a. Smooth muscle cells
15b. Hyaline top
15c. Part of the pushed out cell body

View QuickTime Movie of Skin Model






















6. Bone Tissue and Axial Skelton:

Bone Model without labels:

Zoom In | Normal | Zoom Out


Bone Model with labels :

Zoom In | Normal | Zoom Out


Colored Skull (frontal view) :

Zoom In | Normal | Zoom Out


Colored Skull (lateral view) :

Zoom In | Normal | Zoom Out


Colored Skull (inferior view) :

Zoom In | Normal | Zoom Out


Colored Skull (exploded view) :

Zoom In | Normal | Zoom Out


Fetal Skull (frontal view) :

Zoom In | Normal | Zoom Out


Axial Skeleton Review Click Here

Links to Skeletal Sites:

Skeletal Quizzes Gateway Community College
Skull Anatomy Tutorial Gateway Community College
The Vertebral Column Gateway Community College
eSkeletons Project Unv. of Texas
Skeletal System Penn State
Patts Skeletal System
Get Body Smart
Web Anatomy Univ of MN


Good Luck as you prepare for
your first lab practical!


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